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Craig Clark
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 07:40:47 -0400

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>I prefer military type field telephone twisted pair. In 4X, this is

>occasionally available as used wire in the local surplus stores here

>(after training exercises, etc., the military evidently just rolls it

>up and sells it as surplus).  

This wire is available in the US from Fair Radio sales and elsewhere. It is called WD-1 and is usually sold on a large spool. Fair is selling RL-159 reels which have 1 mile of wire, UNUSED for $125 plus shipping (50#)

I can't find my Signal Corps Wireman's book to give all the specifics but Riki is right abt the military surplusing the wire after use. We surplused the wire after there were too many splices per mile. If you use it, watch those sttel wires! They are like daggers and I have plenty of scars on my hands and fingers from them!!!!

WD-1 makes great (expensive) radial wire too.

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