TopBand: oj0au

Mon, 27 Jul 1998 20:54:22 +1000

yc0low wrote

"Heard and called OJ0AU on 1824 (up 3) since 2157z with gud signal - peaking
569 - for almost an hour! But, no reply for me. Missed that for a new one,
I guess. Although I hear many EU calls were readback by OJ0AU (the OHs,
SMs, DLs etc) but I didn't hear any whisper from them on his QSX frequency.
I wonder why was that happen? Did they use low power only?" 

On Friday at 2110z topband was wide open to Europe and oj0au was 599 here.
Despite this cracking signal I had no hope in breaking the large piles of
Europeans calling. LA3XI was also calling cq at around the same time and
was a respectable 569. The following morning the oj0 repaid my 3xqsos in
the IOTA test with a sked on 160M. What a difference a day makes on
topband. oj0 was 339 at best - no other Europe - and of course no new one
for me.

This morning the oj0 a respectable 559 yet nothing heard from the various
Europeans working him. Yet another example i think of the enormous
reflective power of sea water surrounding the oj0 lighthouse.

Although I have worked this oj0 operation on a few bands the operators do
not appear to be hearing well and certainly are concentrating to much on
Europe in my humble opinion. Surely any European Dxer worth his salt must
have oj0 on about 15 bands by now??


Paul (vk3ajj)  

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