TopBand: Propagation and GPS markers

Vaino Lehtoranta
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 16:18:05 +0300

>Now for a more interesting topic:
>Over the summer there has been a large increase in the number of digital
>markers on 160.
>73 Tom, W8JI

I haven't seen anyone to comment on these 'markers', so I'll do it now.

The frequencies Tom mentioned are occupied by Hyperfix navigation system,
which have been operating for two or three decades now. Closest of them
to us are in Sweden on the Baltic coast, many of them are in UK.
The Hyperfix signal is rather complex and sounds as if multi-frequency one.
In addition to those there are Russian BRAS and RS-10 navigation systems
spreading all over the topband. They sound like a series of dashes.
As these signals are used for hydrographic purposes, they are more
active during summer time. 

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