TopBand: Top-loaded vertical

Terry George
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 21:35:14 +0100

This question applies to an 80m vertical - but this reflector is 
probably the most likely to provide an answer !

   I am playing with a 38 foot vertical , with a loading coil about 
10 feet from the top , and three wires each ten feet long forming a 
capacity hat immediately above the coil. These are incorporated into 
nylon guys and slope down at maybe 30 degrees to the horizontal.

   The antenna is ground isolated and fed against a reasonably 
substantial buried radial system ; with a matching coil across the input.

   Is there a recognised rule to determine the optimum length of the 
capacity hat wires - and also would increasing the number of these 
wires from three to -say- seven improve the efficiency of the antenna 
to any significant degree ?

   Please reply direct and I will summarise to the reflector if appropriate.

            Many Thanks


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