TopBand: 8Q7IO

Wed, 28 Oct 1998 23:04:39 +0100

[ TST HOST 1.43b, Dif/Utc.:5, Escrito el: Mie Oct 28 21:18:20 1998 ]

Subject: 8Q7IO

        It  looks  like  they prefer 1.823 for TX, but there is a BIG noise
over  here  that  makes  close to impossible to hear them. Yesterday we had
same conditions, but luckily between 2115-2145 the noise was almost gone!
There were strong QSB and QRN, but logged it at 2118z for #117.
If  anybody  have  possibility to contact those guys, PSE tell them to move
some KHz's up, do not know if others have same problem, TNX!

By  the  time  I'm writing this, the cluster spotted BV4ME on 1834, so I've
gone  there  and  checked the frec. SURPRISE! #118 was logged at 2126!! Two
new-ones in two days is not bad at all!

Lets hope to hear D68BW on 160, by now, I only logged Hermann on 40m, not
a peep on 80m nor 160m, BUT, there is time to give it a try!

                                                73, Josep EA6ACC

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