Thu, 29 Oct 1998 21:21:41 +1100

Hello Reflectees,

Well the dx topband season got off to a slow start for me (partially due to
the distraction of having a new log periodic and spending to much time on
12 metres).

Things have certainly picked up for me this week however and the topband
fever has been caught again.

Friday 0957z  - Braved the local electrical storm (and horrendous qrn) to
work vo2cq in Zone 2 (this is one of the tough 5 zones to work from vk3).
vo2cq was using only 100w and was only audible for about 2 minutes at my qth.

Friday 1200z  -   6d2x in the log for new country and zone (2 new zones in
one night)

CQWW Contest - a big fizzer here. Did copy xx9x with gud signals but no
response despite 15 mins of solid calling. B1A was also a gud signal but
seemjed deaf to the vk6 guys calling him for a long period. A number of
Europeans heard at my sunrise but of course could not make it back to them
through the contest qrm.

Tuesday 1900z - Had worked dl3kdv (of 5a2a fame) as cu2v on 20M in cqww.
Agreed we would tentatively listen for each other on topband - Tuesday - my
sunrise. Put out a number of cqs on 1.829 from 1900z with no reply. At 1910
could detect the slight murmur of a signal but it did not sound like cu2v
so I continued to cq. At 1915z I finally realised that the persistent weak
station was in fact cu2/dl3kdv (cu2V was obviously restricted for contest
use only). A quick exchange of reports and another new one in the log (cu2
is almost on the direct opposite side of the world to my qth!!!). Dieter
sure is a first class low band op.

I will be on topband each morning at my sunrise commencing from about 1850
through to 1915z. I usually post my cq freq onto dx summit. I would
appreciate if someone could qsp these times to d68bw (who I also need on 80M).

Bv4me and kh2 have also been around working Europe around my sunrise.

Sorry for the long post but it is an early symptom of the dreaded topband
fever (what a way to die!!)


Paul (vk3ajj)   

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