Topband: ARRL 160-Meter Contest
Wed, 1 Dec 1999 11:13:04 -0800

Dear Topbanders,

This coming weekend in the ARRL 160-meter contest, K6SE will be operating
from a dry salt lake about 50 miles northeast of my home QTH.  The
operating location will be on the lake bed at Koehn Dry Lake in southern
California.  The operators will be K6SE, K6NDV, KR6C and possibly others,
in a multi-single effort.

The antenna will be a shunt-fed 70-foot top-loaded vertical installed in
an area of the lake bed which is pure, moist salt about 1 to 2 inches
deep.  The dry salt lake, which is about 4 miles in diameter, has
measured soil conductivity far better than sea water, so we're hoping our
signal will reflect this.

Even though this remote QTH is far from power lines and population (and
should be very quiet), we also plan to put up a Beverage or two in prime

Equipment will be an FT-1000MP and an Alpha 91B, powered by a 6KW Diesel

If you're accustomed to K6SE being in the LAX section, don't be confused
when you hear us giving out "599 SJV".

The main purpose of this "DXpedition" is to evaluate how well a simple
vertical antenna will work when erected over ground with outstanding soil
conductivity (and to have fun).  Anyone hearing our signal, please let us
know how it compares to others on the west coast via e-mail to:

If it gets out as well as we hope, we'll return there for the Stew Perry
Distance Challenge using K6NDV's callsign.

CU in the contest! 73, de Earl, K6SE

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