Topband: dxwindow
21 Dec 1999 14:48:23 -0000

> I suppose I'm preaching to the choir, but I was sure disappointed to see so
> many US stations calling CQ inside the DX Window.  These were by and large not
> newcomers, but people that I have heard in the contests for many years.

This was an honest mistake by someone who was confused on where the
DX window was.  He is more often DX himself and thought the window
was from 1825 to 1830.  He typically operates around 1826.5 when
being DX (probably providing two new coutries to most people on this
list during the past two years).  As many of you know, this is where
the DX window used to be.

Finally when some gentleman did mention it to this person the problem 
was solved.   If this had been done earlier - the situation would 
have been resolved earlier.

I apologize as it was probably "my" call that was guilty of the 
infraction.  However, I was asleep at the time.

We have flogged him with RG8X and didn't feed him breakfast.

73 Tree N6TR

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