Topband: zk2
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 23:43:37 +0000

  Had a good night on 160 last night.  Woked about 250 stations with best 
propagation to Japan all night.  It seemed the best US propagation was just 
when I got on about an hour after sunset.  AA1K was booming in.  Then it seemed 
to go down hill from there with a short peak for east coast at their sunrise.  
I saw on the reflector that a UA3 heard us about an hour before our sunrise.  
Tonight I'll be on at our sunset for about 2 hours then qrt until East Coast 
sunrise at about 10:30z for 2 hours then will get back on at about 1500z until 
sunrise at 17:15z for Europe.  Guess we were close to a EU qso last night but I 
fell asleep 1/2 hour before sunrise here.  You can email me at  73, AL ZK2CA

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