TopBand: DX window
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 10:02:26 EST

Bill, VE3CSK writes:

<<  Thanks to all the
 "guns" who stayed clear of the window so us "l'il pistols" could work some
 of the DX.  It was great hearing all the familiar calls and working many of
 them, >>

Much nicer if operators on gentleman's band behave like gentlemen, DX window
is wide open, and many esp. NA stations can get crack at it.

    Thank you K4JRB for doing something about it and thanks to all those who
behave by the rules. DX window on 160 is a good thing and it should be
respected and obeyed as the rules of the contest require. (Still heard some
Euros, running Euros in the window and "ignoring" NAs.)
   Thanks to all those who heard K3BU's 160m Inverted Vee "way up" (30ft) up
in a tree and barefoot. (Couldn't run amp, it lights up neighbor's lamps,
telephones, VCRs, garage doors open and other weird things happen when antenna
is "sunked and snaked" between the houses.) Had fun playing lil pistol from my
noisy residential QTH with stealth antennas.

Yuri, K3BU

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