TopBand: TL5A (on Topband)

Fri, 05 Feb 1999 13:13:26 +0100

As most of you probably have noticed Alex TL5A returned to the Central
African Republic this week.  In his luggage he carried wire, wire and
some wire to improve his Low Band signal.  The first improvement was to
his topband antenna where his radial system was improved, and his last
night operation proved it to be succesfull. Over 200 Q's with many
many JA's.

Alex asked to address that "QSX 1912" is meant for JA's ONLY. He would
appreciate EU not to call on 1912. This only causes QRM and he will not
work EU anyway during JA sunrise. He will always work europe when the
band closes to JA, so a little patience will pay off.

TL5A & TL0R logsearch is now available at :
All TL5A & TL0R info will move to this site shortly. Log updates will be
after each weekend as a minimum.
I will try to make this new logsearch "Netscape Friendly" also.

73' Alex PA1AW

Alex van Hengel, PA1AW  (New call. Ex call : PA3DMH )
QSL Manager : TL5A, TL0R, D25L, ZS6/PA3DZN, 9R1A, 9Q2L, 9X5EE
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