TopBand: VK9XX

Selbrede, Bob W.
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 10:02:28 -0800

Twas another FB morning on Top Band.

Was listening to George and Charlie on 80 and 160 this morning between
1300-1400z and was beginning to think they were going to be next to
impossible to work on this trip.  Signals were way down on 80 and virtually
non-existent on 160.  Yesterday they stayed on 80 through my sunrise so I
was expecting the same today.

Around 1415z they peaked up to 579-589 on 80 and shortly thereafter they
QSY'ed to 1826.5.  Much to my delight, there they were.  I worked them at
1438z with 569 signals.  They stayed fairly strong for about 10-15 minutes
and then faded to noise at my QTH.  I heard K6UR, W6PBI and I think a few
others made it too.  Congrats!  I was quite happy to put #101 in the log.
Worked KH2K/AH0 for #100 Saturday morning.  When I got started on Top Band
last season, I expected that DXCC would be a virtual impossibility from the
West Coast.  Fortunately there have been several excellent operations on 160
and a couple decent openings to EU from the West Coast which certainly
helped!  Good luck to everyone in your hunt for VK9XX.

73, Bob K6ZZ

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