TopBand: Update from TL5A

Wed, 10 Feb 1999 09:32:43 +0100

Last night again very good band conditions on both 80 and 160m
In contrary to the situation before my stay in PA-country I can now
work these band s every evening. Whether it is band conditions or
just my improved antennas is still to be determined.
Signals are up to S9+20 from JA, EU and US at the same time.
Lastnight all known W0, W8 and W9's made the log.

This Thursday and Friday TL5A will not be on. Alex will be in D2
for work. Do not be surprised to hear D25L, but certainly not on
80 and 160. Saturday he will be back in TL and things will be
back to "normal".

73'  Alex TL5A

Alex van Hengel, PA1AW  (New call. Ex call : PA3DMH )
QSL Manager : TL5A, TL0R, D25L, ZS6/PA3DZN, 9R1A, 9Q2L, 9X5EE
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