TopBand: YK1AO Report
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:34:59 -0500

I received the following note from Omar via regular mail today probably sent
about 10 days ago,   but  not dated and postmark is unreadable.    "Dear
Bob:  The reason that contacts with U.S. on 160    meters are not very
successful is because the local QRN here is S9+ day and night between 1750
and 2250 Khz.  I am investigating the  matter.  Omar"    I suspect  from
this description that the noise isn't really "QRN" , but either line noise
or some RF pollution in Damascus. We can only hope his investigation turns
up something useful.  As it is he only hears the very loudest signals on a
very good day.  I will relay any suggestions to him or better yet write him
at: Omar Shabsigh
P.O.Box 245, Damascus, Syria.   His mail service seems to be fairly
reliable.   Bob W4DR

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