TopBand: ZL9 QSL's

J & AJ Robertson
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 03:45:25 -0500

Shortly I would expect some of you to become concerned about lack of QSL's
from the ZL9 operation.    I have been helping Ken ZL2HU clean and repack
equipment etc and have been amazed at the QSL collection todate .  
Thousands  upon thousands already packed into large cardboard boxes 
awaiting action .                                                          
                                                           Yaesu are
printing the QSL's but as 90,000 is a very large order it may be some time
before they arrive in ZL.                                                  
                                Band is still very spotty with all the
current sunspot activity  but we did have 2 good openings to W and G on 7
and 11th Feb at our sunset ( 0725z )                                       
                                                    73 everyone best wishes
for super openings soon .   Jim ZL2JR.       

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