TopBand: 160 conditions

Thu, 18 Feb 1999 13:35:25 EST

hello everyone,

160 meters on the morning of feb 17th was just great.
no one to work! 

i heard vk9yy at 1250z when i first woke up. copied him
until 1400z as he called cq off and on. no one seemed to
copy as there were no callers? he was a steady 559-569
the whole time.

then i noticed some RTTY stations beginning to peak at 1350z.
they are on 1817.5 and 1818.5 comming from the SW. they
peaked 30DB louder than their normal strengths.

an email from press, vq9ss said that he heard me peak at 1356z and
had been told by 4S7RO that i was calling cq on the frequency.
WOW!!!!! too bad ron, 4s7ro did not call. he thought that it was
a waste of time only using 100w. he was probably correct but if,

i didn't hear any west coast stations calling anyone. whats up?
did anyone else experience the same conditions?

larry, n7dd

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