TopBand: Beverage signal splitting

Milt Jensen
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 17:05:02 -0700

Peter wrote:

> are there any drawings for the use of 1 berverage and two rigs
> e.g. 80 and 160?
> How does the group handle this?
> Peter

	The single wire terminated Beverage or the 2-wire Beverage are
aperiodic (non-resonant) antennas and respond equally well on both bands
mentioned, including 40 Meters.  As such, they can be signal split at
the antenna or at the ham shack.  I use 75 Ohm CATV cable for all my
feedlines with RG-59 being the cable of choice at the antenna end and
the ham shack end.
	With the common "F" connectors it is simple to split the signals from
each antenna with CATV 2-way splitters at the antenna end if you want to
feed two separate selector switches for two feed lines (ie, 160 & 80
separetly selectable).  I use this scheme extensively in my home station
and portable operations.  I also used it with great success at the XZ1N
station, feeding the 160 station with one set of split signals and the
80/40 station with the 2nd set of split signals.  
	You can use the same splitters in the shack if you want to split one
feedline to two receivers.  The only disadvantage to this scenario is
both receivers listen to the same selected antenna.  You can also use
this scheme to split two separate feedlines/selectors in the shack and
feed two receivers for each band simultaneously.
	I typically use 1 to 2 wavelength long Beverages (at 160 M) on 10 foot
(3+ Mtr) poles and always have plenty of signal level, even after 1,000
to 3,000 foot lead in runs.  
	Good luck.  If you need more info and direction, you can E-mail me
directly.  73 de Milt, N5IA

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