TopBand: beverage wires

Saul Abrams
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 20:31:09

I have a question which I have been curious about for the longest time:
My beverages are made of three strands of 22 guage double insulated wire
twisted together.  It is some sort of mil-spec wire (dated 1959) I got from
an old MARS friend when he passed away. The wires are connected together
only at each end (ICE box and resistor to ground rod). I know the wires are
capacitivly coupled to each other, but on the rare ocassions that they
break I have been splicing each strand separately, maintaining the
integrity of each wire.  Is there really any advantage to this extra work,
or should I just twist the broken wires together at that point and be done
with it?  Your ideas/thoeries gratefully appreciated.   Thanks   73  Saul

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