TopBand: Palestine : E44/HA1AG Announcement

Tue, 23 Feb 1999 13:30:39 +0100

On behalf of Zoli HA1AG, Gyula HA1TJ, Anti HA3OV, Laci HA3NU I can make
the following official announcement :

Four Hungarian DXers Zoli HA1AG, Gyula HA1TJ, Anti HA3OV, Laci HA3NU just
started to operate as :
from Gaza, Palestine. The operation will last until 3. March. 

The goal of the operation is to give out this new DXCC entity to as many
people as possible and to offer a fair chance to geographically handicapped
areas to work E4.The operators will focus to CW.

The QTH is directly on the sea front and the antenna's are on top of the hotel
about 30 meters above the "sea water water" front.

A well-proven RTTY gear will be taken with us and in the second half of the
operation RTTY will be done. RTTY operation schedule as well as low band
activities will be announced the day before. Hints, suggestions, questions
and positive criticism will be always welcome. The station will be taken
down around 13 GMT on 3 March. The operators will return to Budapest next

A homepage has been set up at
Here you can find all information about this Dxpedition.
The operators will send their logs via the Internet every morning.

2 stations will be kept on the air simultaniously around the clock. The
preferred frequencies: 7 kHz from the band edge on CW (i.e. 3507, 18.075,
21.007 etc), 3.791-93, 7045, 14195, 18145, 21295, 24945, 28495 and .080 on

QSL via Zoli Pitman HA1AG
        Somogyi Bela ut 18
        Gyor H-9024

Remark: In some Callbooks (RAC) the Zip code is given as 9300. It's wrong!
Although the letters sent to the wrong zip code reach HA1AG, it take much

All QSL's will be responded to in a like manner as they are received (i.e.
direct to direct if proper SAE and postage are enclosed, otherwise a QSL
card will be sent via the bureau).

QSLs will be printed right after the operation.

The operation could not be possible without the generous support of NCDXF,
Dunestar Systems, WF1B, PA1AW and the OKDXC.
Alex van Hengel, PA1AW  (New call. Ex call : PA3DMH )
QSL Manager : TL5A, TL0R, D25L, ZS6/PA3DZN, 9R1A, 9Q2L, 9X5EE
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