TopBand: US stations WKD

Wed, 24 Feb 1999 07:41:19 +0700

Having had pretty bad condx for long, a great opening to USA occured
yesterday as well as in the day before. The band was so quiet since around
1330z until 1500z. 
In 22 Feb, I logged N2KK, W7AJ, W7LA, W7CR, N6FF, W6JRY, KR7PG. Then, in 23
Feb, there were more heard and logged: N7DD, N7JW, W7TVF, K6UR, K6SE,
K6ZMW, W6UB, KA6W, A6BCF, WC7N. I worked them all with 100 Watts! Many
thanks for QSOs.
Hpe the conditions hold up like this in the coming 160 CQWW SSB contest.

73 de Jo, YCLOW. QSL via N2AU.  
ICQ #3922554

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