TopBand: LONG: 160M 20Feb TEST Conditions

Bill Hohnstein K0HA
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 02:16:57 -0800

I'm trying to understand what was happening on 160 meters during
the February 20's European opening.  The east coast was having a
tough time with the Europeans (partially due to static).  It's hard
to compare meter levels, particularly on 160, but the static level
was also up in Nebraska.
I copied a reasonable number of European signals fairly well early, but
was having a harder time being heard by them.  At times some of the
east coast stations started calling the Europeans after and/or with
me.  GENERALLY, neither one of the two appeared to hear each other:
The DX station would start CQing & 10 seconds later, while the DX
was still CQing, the eastern station would start sending his call...
When things were timed better, it was most frequent to hear no response
from the EU station either.  My better copy isn't overly strange in
itself (band conditions can do things like that), but I didn't hear
any signs of other stations closer to me having similar copy.
Listening to stateside stations obviously wasn't my goal, and I'm sure
that I missed a lot of their QSO's.  It just felt very strange to have
good copy on the Europeans, then repeatedly spot them, and hear almost
no one calling them...
To put things in better perspective I'll list the Europeans in my log.
My note taking also made me able to also provide a fairly accurate
listing of the stations just heard/not worked.  Anyway, my partial
TopBand contest log summary follows:

My post-contest best guess as to the caller (shown via time position):
XXXX  I was the caller
 XXXX  Unsure who was the caller
  XXXX  The DX station called me (some I'm less sure of)
     XXXX  Approximate time of a reception only

20FEB99              K0HA LOG
0039            Started listening (home from work late)
0048  RW2F      Unsure of complete exchange.  Strongest EU until 0205z
     0100  YZ6A     Called several times--could only get a QRZ reply
     0115  TM1C     Single op?  CQed 1,2 times then gone--he no cpi
0131  RW2F      Definite complete contact
0133  PA5KT
     0135  TM1C     He still didn't copy--many calls on many freq.s
0142  9A1A      Interference from a W/K1 station who didn't cpi 9A1A
     0145  YZ6A     He still didn't copy (worked the next day)
0202  TM1C      Finally!
0205  DL5AXX
0235  CT1BOH    Very strong!
     0330  DF9ZP    He didn't cpi me.  9A1A still CQing--few callers
0349  HG1S
0403  S57M
0405  IV3PRK    Weak compared to his normal good signal
     0415  RW2F & HG1S are still good copy
0431  S50U
0434  RU1A
0440  OM5ZW
  0449  HA0IT     Obviously out of touch w/wat other USA wkg after this
  0450  DL5AWI
  0501  OK2EQ
  0502  G4BUO
  0503  YL8M
  0504  GJ3YHU
  0508  HA4XG
  0515  HG3NX
  0517  OK1DOT
  0518  9A7A
  0519  PA0CLN
 0536  DF9ZP    (Unsure who was the caller)
  0540  9A2TW
  0541  DK3GI
  0544  DK2FG
  0547  DJ7RD
  0548  G3OFW
  0549  9A1A
  0552  GW3YDX
  0557  DL6EN
  0558  OK2ZU
  0559  IK2DED
 0605  OK1TP    (Probably called me?)
 0611  I2ZFD    (Probably called me?)
 0638  F6FGZ    (Unsure who was the caller)
0643  F6BEE
  0652  G4BUE
  0655  G3PQA
  0706  G3UOF    Only EU signal heard with obvious AU sounding flutter.
0712             Tuned the band and heard no more Europeans.

I'm interested in how both the east coast and closer stations saw
things on this first day.  The second day appeared to be in the
ballpark of a normal day.  I can't remember hearing much of anything
from 4 land before 0430z (calling/working Europeans)--only 1, 2, 3,
and myself...
Again, I'm sure that I probably missed hearing many things--I'm
interested in hearing about them...

73,  Bill     K0HA


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