TopBand: Beverage matching

Fred Hopengarten
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 13:44:53 EST

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N1RC and K1VR wrote the 73 article on feeding a Beverage at both ends. 
N1RC, then an undergraduate EE student at MIT, designed the toroids that
I still use. He's still alive and kicking, and offers some thoughts

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Ah, fame and fortune. 

You may want to add this as a follow-up post to these guys and give them
email address.

Matching Transformer Design 
Bob Clarke, N1RC

I had a couple of goals when designing the transformer. One was wideband
That's how I came up with the quadrifilar structure. A simple 1:n turns
had too
much capacitance and wouldn't work on 160M through 40M. The quadrifilar
gave me the right impedance ratio and minimized the number of turns per

In retrospect, I think another benefit of this structure is to reject
out-of-band signals. 
I think (it's been a few years, I'd have to find my notes to be certain
it was
part of the plan) that's why I did
not use an autotransformer. The best way to minimize undesired energy
(i.e., crud from the broadcast band or static bursts, which look like 100
pulses if memory serves me)
 is to use separate windings - primary and secondary. In an
there is no isolation, so anything
picked up by the beverage goes straight into the receiver. With separate
and secondary windings, the inefficiency of
the transformer at lower frequencies would provide at least some
of a BC band signal and keep it out of the receiver. The same reasoning 
applies to a lightning impulse. And the primary winding goes straight to
at the Beverage.

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> All these years later and you are still famous.  You wrote a classic!
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> Craig, NX1G/W1JCC wrote:
> "I think I used the same core quadrafilar wound 3 wires in series for
> primary, 1 wire secondary derived from K1VR article in 73 (remember
> mag?)"
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