TopBand: E44/HA1AG 160 Report

Fri, 26 Feb 1999 11:06:39 -0500

Zoli asked me to put the following info on the reflector.  Their first nite
of operation on 160 (Feb 25) they were running only 100 watts and managed to
work around 30 North Americans mostly at east coast sun down.  They had a
very small foot print on that session peaking S7 in some areas and S2 only
100 miles south or east.  Their antenna is a sloper at 330 degrees from a
130 foot building sloping to the sea. The second night they ran 500 watts
and worked 22 JA's who were quite loud, but that seemed to be all the JA's
there were.  After the JA opening they worked a mix of Europeans, North
Americans and Asians through their sun rise.  They now have 170 NA's in the
log and have worked as far west as W0 and have been heard in W7, but no 7's
in the log so far.  Here in Virginia they were workable at 01:50, but pretty
weak.  Their signal built steadily until around 0400 Z when they were an
honest S9 on my very stingy FT-1000 meter.  At the same time HZ1AB was S8 on
1840 and switched to SSB and ran about 10 North Americans, mostly 4's.  Zoli
says they have not decided if they will work in the 160 SSB contest this
weekend.  Good Luck! Bob W4DR

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