Tue, 02 Mar 1999 10:16:56 +0100

Despite the forecasted bad conditions, including index, solar flares and so on
our beloved Topband still exists. This morning at sunrise the band sounded with
the numbers that I like: 6 and 7.

This is a good moment to make a reference to a recent contribution to this
Reflector questioning that some (or maybe most) stations in the western states 
are not in the WEST COAST. It is quite evident that geographically one is not 
supposed to be at the coast if does not live near sea side (I am 3km from
Mediterranean and not in the coast).

But WEST COAST at least for me and surely for the european topbanders is a
quite different thing. Is a dream place west (and including) the Rockies
where allways every station is like a DX. For ones is unaffordable, for
others is the place to dig in for the last continental US State. And if one
knows the area, every time that a call sign of a personal friend sounds is a
good moment for him.

Today propagation has been scattered from OR to CA AZ NV UT and MT. Signals
not too strong as usual but K6SE and N7JW peaked 9.
Sorry the short time I had to be at shack.
Earl, Jim and many others, including the ones I heard but missed (it is my
fault). Whether you live at the beach or not, you are WESTCOASTERS for me.
As usual you made my day.

Jose EA3VY   

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