TopBand: vertical vs horiz

Raymond Dave-CSUS04
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 10:49:07 -0600

I agree with Tom's assessment.  I have an elevated quarter wave vertical
with three radials attached.  While not perfect, it does really well.  The
past two mornings I have not been able to work C21ZM near our local sunrise
even though yesterday (Wednesday) he was fairly loud.  I hear him fine on
the beverage but he could not hear me.  Yesterday, N0AV (about 60 miles
north of here) worked him on his inverted vee (90' I think)with no problem.
Today, NR0X (about 120 miles east of me) worked the C21 on his inverted vee
(120' maybe?..not sure).  I tried in vain this morning to work the C21,
responding to his CQ's, but to no avail.  

Sometimes, particularly near sunrise, horizontal IS clearly better.  My
experience comparing notes with my neighboring two stations would seem to
point that this condition occurs here in the Midwest about 25%-35% of the
time.  Almost all other times, the vertical will win out over the horizontal

73 to all...Dave

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