TopBand: [PVRC] Lazy U for 160.

Edwin Steeble
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 01:53:27 +0000

With permisssion of W3EKT, I am forwarding this to the 160m reflector. The
lazy U maybe useful to others, espically those with a smaller lot.
73 Ed

>Subject: [PVRC] Lazy U for 160.
>X-Mailer: Juno 1.49
>From: "Edward  L.  Bruns" <>
>Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 13:10:35 EST
>Reply-To: "Edward  L.  Bruns" <>
>For the CQWW 160 SSB contest I added 65 feet of wire to each end of my 75
meter >dipole so I could make SOME contacts. Dipole is 35 feet at center,
ends 10 feet >off the ground. I did OK, on Friday night, barefoot TS-850,
no DX...called them, could not work anyone. 

>The next day, I went thru my antenna folder and "re-discovered" the "Lazy U"
>article from the winter 1992 issue of Communications Quarterly. Went out
in  the
>yard and "reconfigured" my 80 CW inverted Vee, which is also 35 feet at 
>the center, on a different mast. Added wire again to get to 255 feet or
>so. The center 30 feet of the dipole is now vertical, fed at the center with
>coax. The "left over" wire is run off horizontal, top & bottom. The bottom
>is only 5 feet off the round, upper one 35 feet, and they are parallel. The 
>author claims this "cancels the horizontal radiation" so the thing puts out
>a mostly vertically polarized signal.  (so he says.)
>Saturday night I worked P43, V47, XE, & KP4 who could not hear me on the
low dipole, >but I got thru on the Lazy U. Conditions were different then,
so more testing will be >done. Again, barefoot TS-850, 100 watts nominal. I
also managed OK, NM, & CO on the >U.
>The part that caught my eye was  "NO radials are required." Therefore, it
was a quick >& dirty way to radiate SOME vertical signal on 160! Nothing
magic, just a vertical >dipole with whatever you can get vertical & the
leftover "ends" run out horizontally. >
>If you have an 80 foot tree, results should be much better. Run 75 feet
vertical, >pull 90 feet off top & bottom. Feed in center or on the bottom
end with a  suitable >PI net, but that takes more effort! (I'm lazy)
>Ed, W3EKT.

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