TopBand: EL2WW es N4XP/V7

John Vickers
Tue, 09 Mar 1999 19:21:19 -0500

Worked Mark, EL2WW, and Tom N4XP/V7 on the high bands this eve.  Mark said
he will be on 1828.5 (instead of 27.5)  at  06:30z this date. his noise is
'ruff' but still trying daily.  He will be leaving for 10 days this weekend.

Tom /V7 said he will be on today at 09:00z. Last night he worked about 50
stns. Mostly Mid to West Coast plus two 4s.  He didn't give a freq but said
1827 was bad there.  May be around 1834 to 36. Also said his ant fell last
night--- thats why he QRTed so fast.

Gud Luck es 73--- John WA4TT

P.S.  de W4ZV...also received the following from Mark EL2WW:

Very busy here. Thursday night, and my Friday morning will be last
tries before I go home for 10 days. Every night and morning qrv at
21z for EU and JA (switch calling), 2230z for EU and NA, and 0630z
for NA/SA. QSX for JA is announced, EU and NA/SA is 1 to 2 up. Will
be on 1828.5 at all times instead of previous 1827.5

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