TopBand: Again on beverage!

Tom Rauch
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 21:35:13 -0500

Hi Giulio,
> locally generated electical noise from appliance etc etc etc man made
> noise is propagated in vertical polarizazion, and  lessloss soil may help
> you to dont pick up this ground wave signal

I doubt you will ever see a difference, but you can try it. If you 
make the Beverage respond less to vertical signals, it will also 
attenuate the desired signals the SAME amount. The Beverage 
responds to vertical signals, both DX and locally. 

Actually, I'd expect less loss in the soil to mean a poorer S/N ratio, 
not better, if the problem is local noise.
In general, if the noise is in the direction of the desired signal the 
only improvement is more distance.

> coming through ground wave! So, someone have made same test in this
> direction?? this point  i believe is very important to reduce the near
> noise, but how many amateur have the wire under your beverage? In wich
> condition the soil is poor, or lossless?

The EWE will benefit from a counterpoise, since it really acts like 
two short verticals phased. The top wire needs to not have 
radiation, a better ground helps that happen.
> Another question is again on trasformer, becouse after many and many
> message here, i dont have understand if the best solution is connecting to
> ground the cable togheter with the beverage ground, or made a separate
> ground at about 40 meters from it, or leave left it.

A separate ground helps, and keep the feedline right on the ground, 
if the feedline is picking up noise. 

I always use an isolated primary, and common-mode chokes along 
the feedline.

73, Tom W8JI

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