TopBand: Morning of 16th March

Bob Marshall-Read
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 17:07:17 +0000

The opening to the USA from eastern England (Suffolk) was most strange,
after a QSO about 0530z with VE3OSZ (559 both ways) all North America
faded from sight on the east beverage, the phased loops could still hear
Europe, but on the reciprocal heading there was nothing, and the
transmit inverted L (up 18m and out 37m) heard nothing, yet spots were
noted on the DX Clusters of G4VGO being heard in the USA.  The noise
level was down to below S2 here on the normally noisy transmit antenna,
but no signals were coming through.

All I can guess is that the path from North America was incoming at one
angle, and outgoing at another...the receive path to here being at some
angle that none of my antennas favoured.

Also noted on the DX cluster was that G4AMT heard N6RR 559 but could not
be heard in W6.

Hope things are a bit better tomorrow at sunrise.  We have had bad luck
recently this far north.



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