TopBand: poor operating skill

Lloyd Curry
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 12:56:29 -0500

W9VNE's comment about poor operating skill brings me to a thought I have
had many times.  As a social worker for 25 years and now a registered
nurse working on a psychiatric unit I have spent much time observing
human behavior.  For many people, pileups seem to generate an adrenaline
rush.  When you add many others experiencing the same thing, you get
what is close to riot like behavior.  Action is generated by emotion
rather than logic.  I recommend hams who get carried away by this try to
stop and think about what they need to do in a pileup before they get
carried away by the emotion.  Poor skill only prolongs the time needed
to work the new one, usually for everybody.    73   Lloyd  NA4D

P.S.  Guys, let's let this be the last post on this subject.  All the
words and psychoanalysis in the world will not improve some folks' skills.
Let's stay on informative topics and not get into any more of this.
                                                        TU de W4ZV

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