TopBand: Fw: RE: T88AJ?

Scott A Long
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 05:17:41 -0500

Will you be operating 160 meter with an amplifier from T88AJ?  I would
like to work this for a new one on 160.  Suggested frequencies, 1827,
1828 and 1832 khz.

Many thanks for your time!

Scott K8SM

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From: "7N3AWE" <>
To: "Scott A Long" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 23:55:25 +0900
Subject: RE: T88AJ?
Message-ID: <000a01be6fbd$0ef82c80$4aa1e2d2@ocn>

I will do on 160m But only 500 Watts.
Lets me know please Your sunrise.
Also Many JA station want to QSO but QSX 1908,1910,1911
I will calling on frequency before JA'S.

FB DX   de 7N3AWE 73 CU Then

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