TopBand: T33 today -- what happened?

Garry & Yelena
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 20:56:32 -0800

In contrast to your east coast experience, they were above the noise
only about 10% of the time at my QTH in a California coastal canyon,
and--although that kind of QSB is nothing new to me when the DX is in
the SW Pacific, long before local sunrise, it was really frustrating. A
number of my brethren were luckier.

I believe they QSYed to work Europe on 10m--there are only two stations.
They did the same thing from T30--to my knowledge they were never QRV at
west coast sunrise.

I recall similar condx when I operated from Conway Reef in 1995 in the
same time frame--late March. The strongest signals heard on the Reef
were from W1 through the Great Lakes. In fact, many sixes who presumed
sunrise would be the ticket came up empty, while those who got up to
slug it out with the east coast came up winners. The other striking
result then was that few fours and only one five--K5UR--were logged.

I, of course, only have through Friday to score, and very little time!

Garry, NI6T

> T33 had a great signal today from when they moved down to 1827 from 30m
> (around 0950z I think) and were peaking S7-8 most of the time, with a dip to
> S5 for a while around 1030z. No luck for me calling with the multitude on
> 1908 (with a mere 800w out from the amp) but they were working quite a few
> from both coasts. With 10 minutes or so to go till our sunrise, they started
> listening up 5, and worked some more East Coast there. With still a few
> minutes to go till my sunrise, they suddenly were GONE! Did their signal
> plummet that fast? Did their antenna plunge into the sea? Didn't see any
> spots indicating they had QSY'd to another band. Anyone know what happened?
> And will they be back tomorrow? Any news appreciated.
> 73/Jon AA1K
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