TopBand: T33RD March 25?

Jon K. Jones
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 09:18:52 -0600

Got up at 0900 utc this morning to listen for T33RD. One could
feel the anticipation on 1.827. The minutes ticked by...the Web
Cluster showed spots for T33RD on 6 and 12 meters. The last
24 MHz spots appeared at 09:12. QSY now for 160?

Nothing on 1.827. Some stations started calling on 1.827 and
1.908 for them. J3/K4LTA started working some stations on
1.833. Down 1 kHz on 1.832 - T33RD's QSX from last night I
heard what sounded like ...33RD QRZ ? At 0946  I signed my call
twice and received a "559." Sent a 559 and heard "RR." Then
nothing. At 0959 spots now for T33RD on 24 MHz. 
Was it T33RD?  A "slim?" Too many nights getting up at 0900 utc?
I guess this is what keeps the TopBand interesting.
Jon N0JK

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