TopBand: T33RD - This AM
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 12:16:17 -0500

It sure sounded like a lot of stations were hearing and working him,
both north and south of me. He kept making it through in bits and
pieces, but not enough to make out a full call. He was quite weak,
even on 80 meters before coming down to Top Band. Maybe the
propagation gods will smile on me tomorrow morning. There
were a few us in a stretch through the Midwest that shared this
null zone. Congrats to the folks that made it!

73 de K8 Joe "Palooka" & Beverly
Joe Pontek
26441 Devaney Road
Arcadia, IN 46030
K8JP, V31JP, VP5/K8JP, VP5JP, K8JP/VA2, ex-K8HKM
CJ5 '65

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