TopBand: C21SX QSLing

Roger, G3SXW
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 19:40:47 -0500

To DX Editors de G3SXW, 28 March.

The C21SX DXpedition (February 27th - March 7th) logged 10,000
QSOs. Operator was Roger, G3SXW who is also QSL manager.
Bob/G3ZEM also made 10,000 QSOs as C21ZM and is managing
his own QSLs.

QSL requests already received for contacts with C21SX have now
all been answered. Cards arriving daily are being handled within
48 hours.

Over 1,000 contacts have already been confirmed direct. Most of these
were mailed today.
The address for direct QSLs is:
Roger Western, G3SXW
7 Field Close
Surrey KT9 2QD

Nearly 200 contacts have so far been requested by e-mail. These
cards will go to the bureau this week. If you wish to receive a card
via bureau merely send QSO details and your call-sign to:

Then, please do not send your card by other routes as this defeats
the purpose of saving time (your's, mine and the bureaux's) and
money (your's and the bureaux's).

Speedy despatch of QSLs (within three weeks of the DXpedition
ending) results from fast delivery of cards by Adur Village Press
(G4BUE). Many thanks for excellent service, Chris.

73 de Roger/G3SXW.

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