Topband: CY9RF DXpedition

Dan Flaig, K8RF
Sun, 02 May 1999 04:29:33 +0100

 CY9RF St. Paul Island DXpedition - May 23 to May 31


Hello fellow Topbanders!

If anyone needs CY9 on Topband, we will be active have a station
dedicated to 160 Meters during the WPX CW Contest.
If it's anywhere near dark out we will be on Topband during the Contest!

We will also be active on 160 before the Contest as well.

If you don't need CY9 for a new one, Please call us during the WPX
Contest anyway and give us some points for our Contest score!

Hope to CU on Topband from St. Paul Island!


CY9RF Operator List:

K8RF Dan
K4LT Doug
K8DD Hank
AC8W Stan


CY9RF will be a Multi Operator/Multi Transmitter entry in the WPX CW
Contest May 30 - May 31, 1999


Before the Contest we will run 2 or 3 Stations, concentrating mostly on
the WARC bands, 160 and on difficult areas of the World propagation wise
as Asia, VK, ZL etc.
All SSB operation will be before the Contest period.

During WPX Contest there will be four Main Stations running 24 Hours a

Station #1 - 160 or 15 Meters - TS930 and  MLA2500
Station #2 - 80 or 10 Meters  - TS930 and  MLA2500
Station #3 - 40 Meters - TS930 and  LK-500Z
Station #4 - 20 Meters - TS930 and  TL922

Also Two Part Time Stations running peak times (roughly 1100 to 1200 GMT
2100 to 0200 GMT)

Station #5 - 15 Meters -  TS-50 and  Henry Desktop
Station #6 - 10 Meters -  TS-50 and Ten-Tec Centaur

There will be Six Laptop Computers Networked together at all times
during contest, running CT



For 160 we will use an Inverted L with a 60 foot vertical portion.
On 80 and 40 Meters we will have a pairs of Phased Verticals,
Yagis on the high bands.

The 160 L and the 80 Meter phased Verticals will be mounted above old
ground screen where old VLF transmitter site was. This spot is on the
North side of The Rock.

We will also string up one or two short beverage antennas for RX on 160
and 80 Meters.


Thanks to the efforts of Bob W6RGG and Mac W6BSY, both of who are YASME
Board Members,

CY9RF will be a "YASME" DXpedition!!

CY9RF will count for credit for the fine awards available for working
enough YASME operations

For info on past YASME operations see:

The list of prestigious operators and DXpeditions that have been
sponsored over the years by YASME puts us among a very select group,
we can all be proud of our association with YASME!!

Tnx Bob and Mac!!


QSLs will be printed by  Everett WZ8P, who does high quality full color


Special thanks to: Noel W9EFL, Tom W8TK, Steve N8LGP and Geoff W0CG for
all their help with equipment and logistics!!!
Thanks also to Cushcraft for supplying Beam Antennas
The operation wouldn't be possible without their help!


Please QSL CY9RF Via K8RF

Please include SASE, or SAE and IRC or Green Stamp

We promise nice Photo QSLs within 3 weeks of operation.


CY9RF c/o: K8RF
Dan Flaig
2101 Ronaldson Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio


FAQ on WWW:     
Administrative requests: