Topband: CN8WW is on again

Bernd Och
Sun, 23 May 1999 17:12:08 +0200

Hi !

This is Ben, DL6FBL/CN8WW.
I will be traveling to Morocco again tomorrow,
but I will not have the 160m antenna ready before
the night from Wednesday to Thursday. I will try
to be on the band around sunrises.
In the CQ WPX contest I will operate Single OP,
All Bands, but most likely not on 160m.
Hope to see you on all other bands !
After the contest there will be no or only little activity
as I will take down all antennas on Monday and
go back to Germany early Tuesday morning.

Please: during the contest all QSOs are welcome,
of course. Outside the contest, please call me
only on bands/modes, we have not yet worked !!!
After this activity ALL logs will be merged and ALL
QSOs (Oct.-Dec. 1998, Mar./Apr. 1999, and now)
will be confirmed in one step !

See you all.


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