Topband: HC8N - 160m

Bill Tippett
Mon, 31 May 1999 11:30:02 +0100

        Several have commented on the signal from HC8N.  Their transmit
antenna is
a full size 1/4 wave Ground Plane suspended from the top of a 42 meter tower
the base pulled out ~15 meters to the North.  This gives the antenna a slight
improvement in pattern in that direction.  The base and 4 full size elevated 
radials are about 3 meters high.  Transmit power is ~1000 watts output.

        Receive antennas are Beverages with one about 300 meters long toward
Europe and another about 200 meters toward NA.  I believe they may have added
Beverages for JA and also possibly others (toward VK and AF?) prior to the
this past weekend.  Jon N0JK (160 op on this trip) or Trey N5KO will
probably fill
us in when they return.

        If you missed them this trip, do not worry as there will be many contest
operations from this site in the future.  I'm sure they did their best
through the
summertime QRN but even a Beverage doesn't help if thunderstorms are in the same
direction as the signal you are trying to receive.  Watch for them again next
season in the major contests and I'm sure you will put HC8N in your log!

                                                        73,  Bill  W4ZV

P.S.  QSL HC8N via AA5BT.


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