Topband: Beverage help please and VK6 DX.

Michael Bazley
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 08:31:16 +0800

Hi All, 
I would be grateful if someone could let me know what is the minimum wire
size, if there is one, for a bev. ant. At the moment I am using 22 awg,
which seems to work well on the North, South, North West and South East
The reason for the question: I want to put up one towards Europe and
unfortunately that would go accross our ocean view. If I could make this
nearly invisible it would please the Xyl!!! 
Replies to me please and if sufficient will summarise for the reflector.

Condx seem to be on the improve with openings to both the East and West
coast North America and this morning there was a good opening to Europe.
Unfortunately I have not been able to get on every sunrise/sunset due to
the nearly continuous thunderstorms we have been having during the past
week. The WX buro says they will be around for another 24 hours.

73 es dx de Mike VK6HD

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