Topband: HZ1AB Beverage Counterpoise

Tony Kazmakites
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 17:03:29 -0400

When I lived in the sands of southern New Jersey I tried something similar.
I had a 2 wire beverage up 10' in the air with 12" separation of the wires.
It was 670' long. It was pointed NE/SW. At the feed and terminating ends I
had a 6' ground rod into the sand.
The first test was to lay a 670' insulated wire on the ground parallel to
the 2 wire beverage about 50' away from the 2 wire beverage and hook it up
as a single direction terminated beverage with a ground rod at each end.
Both beverages to NE were about the same except one was slightly better at
our sunset and the other was slightly better at European sunrise. Don't
remember which was which.
Next I raised it off the ground to 10' so that it was like the 2 wire
beverage. Did not notice any difference at all in performance on 80 and 160.
Next I added an insulated wire on the ground and hooked it up to the
terminating and feed end ground rods. Now this antenna was a better
Next I moved this wire to the 2 wire beverage. Then the 2 wire beverage
heard better. That is the way I left it.
Don't know why it helped, but the wire on the ground made an improvement.

Up here in the hills of New York I tried a similar thing with my ewe
antennas. Adding the wire on the ground helped.


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