Topband: short vertical part 2
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 10:29:15 -0500

ok thank you all for your interesting suggestions an thoughts on my
previous vert ? as i tried a few scenerios an have now came up with a
70ft tall 2in dia vertical section with a 20 ft capacitance hat mounted on top
still only with 20 125 ft radials so far as i want to kinda make sure
things work matching wise before laying out the rest
so i bought a mfj 259b an have been taking measurements with it on 160 only
i wound a 20 turn 6 in dia #4 bare copper coil an then I dipped an baked it
in the varnish i use to insulate the electric motors i rewind feed it at
the bottom of the vert an have been experimnting with the tap location with
some decent results 
but as usual am interested in your input remeber i use this solely for tx
on 160 from near 1820 or so to 1850   
73 thanks skip ws9v

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