Topband: wire vertucal
Wed, 2 Feb 2000 11:13:47 EST

I have decided to build a quarter wave wire vertical for 160. My support is 
about 90 feet tall. Will the slope in the wire have an adverse effect on my 

If the slope does hurt the signal, will it be OK to pull the wire over the 
support and slope it down on the other side?

Which is best?

Stan, N5UE

de W4ZV:

Stan, this has been covered in previous archives but here's the
short answer:

*Reasonable slopes (<30 degrees from vertical) have little effect
on the pattern of inverted-L type verticals.

*The best configuration is to keep the top part as horizontal as
possible...i.e. run your wire as high vertically as possible and 
pull out the remaining horizontal part out as far as possible.  A 90'
vertical component works VERY well with a good ground (30-60 radials).

*An Inverted-L has slight directivity (~1 dB) in the direction opposite
to the direction of the horizontal wire...i.e. if you want more signal
to the East, pull the horizontal wire to the West.

                                                73,  Bill

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