Topband: Beverages grounds when the ground is frozen

ted demopoulos
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 04:17:59 PST

I hopefully adding another beverage in the next few days.
It's going to be hard to ground the termination end (already got a ground 
rod at the feedline end). Ground is frozen, and will be for another few 

I know I can use a 1/4 wave termination wire, but thats not a good solution 

Anyone experiment with some sort of a ground shield - maybe a big piece of 
wire mesh?
Any other ideas?

XZ0A was 439 in New Hampshire this morning right before sunrise (on the 
vertical, no bev yet to the NE, where I think the signal was coming from 
today. SW Beverage no copy)


Ted, KR1G

P.S.  He was the strongest ever heard here (NC) but was best via 330 deg
...the first morning path he was anything but 210 degrees here.  Check
with other W1's who have Beverages...I seriously doubt he was coming
via the NE...that might be possible at your sunset but I doubt it for
the morning path.  Had a great signal on 80 LP via 150 degrees last night
but nothing on 160.  Good luck to all on their last few days!  W4ZV

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