Topband: XZ0A This AM in New York
Sat, 5 Feb 2000 10:16:31 EST

Hi Gang

Today I was monitoring 1826.5 from 1130z onwards and exactly at 1149z I heard 
a nice, strong carrier tune up and then call CQ QSX 1831.  It was XZ0A from 
the SW path and he was an honest 569.

I called like mad and he went QRZ W1 a couple of times. He was still clearly 
copiable until about 1155z.

>From 1155z until my sunrise time of 1202z he dropped steadily although I did 
hear him work K3SV and W3GH.

This is the loudest I have ever heard them via the "skewed/crooked/long path" 
(stated this way to satisfy the politically correct among us!).

On most mornings, they have been a  mere "presence" this far North but never 
like this - and never for so long a duration.  I had a legitimate shot this 
morning but was not heard - the operator said he had QRNNNN!  Too bad!

On another note, on Friday night Jnauary 21st from Cape Cod, I also heard 
Robin and crew a solid 579 from 2205 - 2245z.  This was out of the SE path at 
my sunset in MASS and here too I called them LIKE MAD.

On this path they were totally "deaf" though and I got not even a QRZ outta 
them - but they were almost as loud that evening as the Europeans.  Too bad.

Anyway, this was a great morning propagation wise. This crooked path stuff 
does not make it very often into the Northeast USA and it is clear to me 
that, for the most part, the W4 and W5 call areas are in the "CATBIRD'S SEAT" 
on this path.  They can work it regularly - but it is a struggle for us 
further North.  (True justice!!!)

But that is the way it goes - and it was nice to hear them so loud with NO 
QSB, almost no flutter - just a solid 569 signal.

I know they made alot of guys happy this morning all over the Eastern USA and 

Congrats to all who were able to get through.  Good going!


P.S.  Also heard them many times after our sunset but they seem to
have problems hearing then.  This morning they were 569 here from 1155
until 1210 peaking at 210 degrees...then the path switched to 290
deg and the signal was 559 until my sunrise around 1218.  Good luck
to all on the last chance tomorrow!  Bill  W4ZV

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