Topband: SW Path NOISE!
Sat, 5 Feb 2000 10:21:47 EST

Lowband RX Noise from SW - W1FV

About a week ago, W1FV inquired about a "noise" peaking SW on both 80 and 

He is not ALONE in hearing it.

For most of January, I heard it too and it all but covered XZ0A and 3W5FM on 
80M the days I worked them.

It was so bad on 3w5fm that I had to listen SE for his transmissions and then 
xmit on the 4sq to the SW when it was my turn to xmit.

It has also been present on 160M - but I do not think as loud. It was AWFUL 
on 80m for about 3 weeks though - it even covered up louder signals like 
JA1HQT at 579.

I too thought it was a local event but I am convinced after reading John's 
report that it was not.

I thought it was time to call out the  noise "search dog's" here - but now it 
seems to have dissipated somewhat over the last week.


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