Topband: Topband 5 Feb 2100hrs

Sun, 06 Feb 2000 21:10:09 +0600

Below is the solar forecast for 5 Feb 2000
Subject: e-alert 02.05 21:30 UTC

SFI=168 up from 167 | A=10 up from 5 | K=4 up from 3 at 2100 on 5 February.
SAF: moderate, GMF: quiet to active

Aurora Level: 10

Checked the band at 2054 on 5 Feb 

GW3YDX coming in a good 579 calling CQ FOC
took a liberty as I am not FOC and it after all it was real DX for me got 559
first good sigs since 25 Jan here (CQWW160 only hrd 4 station & wkd 3  !!)
4X4NJ was 569 with QSB agn calling CQ FOC  got a qrz but nowt else 
HB4AGC again 559 calling CQ FOC but not listening for weak DX sigs

In summary - sudden rise in A index again (as it did on 25 Jan) gave good
conditions in this part of the world where DX is rarely hrd !!
Bob Parkes

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