Topband: CQWW Saltdale expedition photo's

Will, K6NDV
Sun, 6 Feb 2000 20:08:04 -0800

Hello, again a group of us went out to Saldale again. This time for the CQWW
160 contest.
We made some changes...instead of 1 vertical we put up 2 of them, lucky I
could buy another identical one.
I also obtained the domain name: and I am in the process of
transferring all material to there, most of it is already there and you can
view the photo's from our latest experience.
go to:  and follow the links.
I am open for any ideas and help to make this a "real" 160 meter page, so
please send me something or help me with your experience in html.
Thanks Will,  K6NDV

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