Topband: 5B-NA and zones 2 &13

Ivo Pezer, 5B4ADA/9A3A
Mon, 7 Feb 2000 19:37:43 +0200

Nice opening this morning, 07th Feb, around my sunrise. Several USA S9+ 
signals with K1DG peaking 10 over, HC8N S8-9 and AA5XE, near XE border 
with solid s7. I had solid opening on the 6th too, but signals were 
louder this morning. The only problem is my noise level - above S7 both 
days, making it very difficult on the weak signals.

I need zones 2 and 13 to complete 6B WAZ and would like to get callsigns 
and possibly e-mail of any VO2/VE2 station who might have 160m antenna 
to try to make it B4 it gets too late. There is much more activity from 
zone 13, so my main concern is VO2, before I leave Cyprus. However, any 
zone 13 Topbanders are welcome for a skeds around my sunrise (0442 GMT 
at present).

If anyone can help please reply direct to my e-mail address.

73 Ivo 5B4ADA/C4A

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