Topband: Amps and such

Jerry T Dowell
Wed, 9 Feb 2000 05:44:54 -0800

It is indeed sad to hear that Jukka has lost his amplifier. He should be
encouraged, however, to try it barefoot. Many will hear him!

As an example, I have not been hearing ZK2CA well enough to work him in the
1300-1500Z  time slot. (A 1/4-wave vertical is a lousy RX antenna!) This
morn I got up at 0830, turned on the rig, and there he was with a decent
signal. I snapped on the amp, dreading the seemingly infinite warmup time
delay. Afraid that he would QSY because nobody was answering, I called him
barefoot. He came right back. The amp came on eventually, but the QSO was
already made. I checked later - the TR7 was set at 40 W output!

Jerry   AI6L

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