Topband: poor antenna- big dx ?

Thu, 10 Feb 2000 20:53:06 +0100

hi gang !
With big surprise i`ve been reading about the big success some people have on 
160 with small size antenas.I guess that much of that success is due to the 
geographical location ( 5B4ADA ) and the advantages combined with that.Plus a 
call that is not too common may help as well.So i guess these experiences in a 
contest are not very meaningful either,as the number of stations active is not 
the regular case at all.For us in central EU ,behind the auroral curtain,the 
situationis much different. Antennas can`t be big and beverages not long 
enough,especially as we suffer much from man-made noise in our highly 
industrialized and densely populated areas.At least for our latitudes and 
longitudes i must oppose the "throw out a wet noodle and be ready for KH6" 
scheme.All the 160m guys around here have been putting in major efforts into 
their systems and are still trying to optimize.But i have to agree to the 
proposal that one must get on the band and see for himself,then he will get the 
topband-virus and be part of the fun.      73 de df2py

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